At Anya, we believe in continuously improving our standards, our actions and our processes to fulfill corporate responsibility. We are committed towards ethical business conduct and work towards the betterment of the environment, people and communities . Our social investments aim to create a positive impact on the society. We are continuosly encouraging Innovation and entrepreneurship to create results which are impeccable.

  • Mask Manufacturing In the pandemic situation Covid- 19, the company got the masks manufactured thereby providing employment and also free distribution to the poor  & needy.
  • Education Related activities- Distribution of school bags to poor students from time to time.
  • Distribution of Food packets during Pandemic situation Covid- 19 for the poor people who were rendered jobless and starved.
  • Installation of computers at various computer centers to enable technological education within the reach of needy students. 
  • Distribution of free seeds to farmers.
  • Distribution of free Zinc- Sulphate fertilizer samples to farmers.