Welcome To Anya Polytech & Fertilizers

Conceived at the turn of the decade, on 18th January 2011, Anya Polytech is a joint venture company between Anya Agro and Fertilizer Pvt. Ltd. and Kribhco Infrastructure Limited ( KRIL) and is registered under the Company Act of 1956.

Today, Anya is recognized as India’s premier fertilizer & Bag Manufacturer company along with being a provider of innovative environmental solutions. Putting forth a staggering capacity of over 750 lakh bags (75 Million bags ) per annum, Anya Polytech is one of the most renowned players in this domain.

Back in time, in January of 2013, commercial productions were begun and today, in less than a decade, Anya proudly delivers 100% of its existing capacity utilization and churns out a turnover beyond 90 crores, from bags & fertilizers (Zinc Sulphate Division).

Carrying forward the legacy of social upliftment and committed to improving the social texture of the country, Anya Polytech has contributed commendably with employability opportunity to over 200 people, from all skillsets (including managerial, technical, semiskilled, unskilled).

Now ambitiously charting into another playfield, Anya Polytech has become a formidable force in the industrial production of Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate, Monohydrate, and various mixtures, etc. Zymes, organic fertilizers, potash, etc., under the able tutelage of social visionaries.

At Anya, we endeavor to create a positive change with every step we take, working relentlessly to improve yield and pave way for environmentally conscious food security in the country.